The Unique Talents of Tsunade

The fifth Hokage of Konohagakure (The Hidden Leaf Village), Tsunade is known as the most adept and powerful Kunoichi (female ninja) in the Naruto universe. Extremely intelligent, physically strong, and un matched medical ninjutsu techniques are just a few of the aspects that make Tsunade one of the most powerful characters of Naruto. Here are a few of the unique talents that Tsunade possesses that allow her to crush her enemies and protect her village:

Chakra Control

One of the natural inheritances Tsunade has from Uzumaki bloodline is that she possesses an immense amount of Chakra. While this is a marvel itself, the fact that Tsunade can control all of her Chakra is what makes her so unique. Not only can she use Chakra control to amplify her natural strength, she can even use it to create fractures in the ground with a finger.

The height of her Chakra control, however, is displayed when Tsunade uses the Strength of a Hundred Seal. By focusing all of her Charka into a single point on her forehead, Tsunade is able to store it into a small diamond shape. When released she can use this excess Chakra to perform medical feats without wasting any energy.

Medical Ninjutsu

Tsunade is renowed in the Naturo Universe for her ability to perform medical ninjutsu that would be impossible from any other shinobi or kunoichi. Paired with her ability to store massive amounts of Chakra and convert it to electricity, Tsunade’s knowledge of the human body allows her to even affect the nervous system of her enemies that leave their bodies confused or paralyzed.

The ultimate medical ninjutsu technique of Tsunade is Creation Rebirth. Using the Chakra inside of the Strength of a Hundred Seal, Tsunade is able to regenerate cells and organs that allow her to heal even the most severe injuries with a single touch.

Slug Summoning

Tsunade also has the ability to summon slugs, though the only slug she ever chooses to summon is Katsuyu. She can also use her massive amounts of stored Chakra to slugs that are far away, allowing her to perform techniques with them or restore their chakra levels. When these slugs have attached themselves to the injured, Tsunade can simultaneously heal the wounded by manipulating the Chakra of the slugs.

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