What Everybody Knows About Tsunade

Tsunade is one of the legendary Sannin. She is the granddaughter of the First Hokage. She is known as the Princess Tsunade, Godaime Hokage or Fifth Hokage, Tsuna, Slug Princess, and The Legendary Sucker.


She is called Princess Tsunade because she is the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage. She was spoiled by her grandfather during her childhood and was taught to gamble. She was a former student of the Third Hokage, along with Orochimaru and jiraiya.


Tsunade was rewarded the title Sannin by Hanzo after she and her teammates fought him and survived. Jiraiya attributed Konoha’s victory at the Second Shinobi World War to Tsunade’s skills as medic and fighter. She managed to counter all of Chiyo’s poisons. But before the end of the war, she experienced several tragic events that included the death of her brother Nawaki.


After the death of her brother, Tsunade wants medical-nin to be part of each team but Hiruzen told her that it was impossible for them to train such ninjas due to the ongoing conflict. She met Dan Kato who agrees with her idea. Over time, she finds herself falling for Dan. She gives him the First Hokage’s necklace before he died. This led to the rumor that the necklace is cursed and kills anyone that wears it except for Tsunade. After the death of her loved ones, Tsunade can’t take part in battles anymore.




Tsunade is one of the most powerful ninjas that Konoha has produced. She is admired all over the world and have been said to be one of the most powerful kunoichi in history. She is both a combatant and medical-nin and has led younger kunoichi to look up to her as their role model. Her prowess in the battlefield is even acknowledged by MadaraUchiha as she was about to overpower his wood clone Susanoo alone.


Tsunade is known for her raw strength that she can launch with a flick of her finger. Opponents who weren’t able to avoid her attack are left with broken bones, ruptured organs or death. She has remarkable durability as well that allowed her to perform the Heavenly Transfer Technique and suffered only minor injuries in the process. She uses her offensive power to intimidate her opponents in order to perform her medical-nin duties.


Being a descendant of the Senju clan, Tsunade has a strong physical energy and life force that contribute to her durability, chakra and stamina. And as a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, she has the endurance and vitality of her ancestors. She has a high tolerance for pain and can continue fighting even when injured.


Tsunade uses Transformation Technique to make her appear in her twenties even if she’s already in her fifties. She is the best medical-nin and one of the example of her medical powers is the Creation Rebirth technique that utilizes large amount of chakra to create new cells, heal wounds, and grow back missing organs. She can also summon slugs of different sizes.


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